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Interactive: U.S. Counties by Household Income – Interactive: U.S. Counties by Household Income With over 3000 counties in the United States variance is to be expected. Geographically speaking for example there a wide spectrum of differences between counties. Some are situated in gorgeous mountain settings while others may be almost entirely flat. There are urban counties that are major population centers and others that dont have a skyscraper within 500 miles of them. Just like with geography individual counties can also be quite unique when it comes to looking at socioeconomic measurements such as median household income. Median Income by County Todays interactive infographic comes to us from Overflow Data and it helps give a sense of the household income spectrum by visualizing data from all U.S. counties. Some counties like Loudoun County (Virginia) have sky-high median incomes in this case $125672 per household. Meanwhile other places are stuck in much rougher circumstances. For example just a few hundred miles away is McDowell County (West Virginia) which has a median household income of $25206. Highs and Lows The level of wealth found in a particular county is dependent on a large quantity of factors including nearby industries natural resources demographics tax rates education and available jobs and careers. As you can see on the map the most common range for median household income is from $45000 to $70000. Simultaneously however there are outliers that fall way outside that range for various reasons. Highest Median Incomes Here are the five counties with the highest median household incomes in the U.S.: Rank County Median household income Population #1 Loudoun Virginia $125672 362435 #2 Fairfax Virginia $114329 1132887 #3 Howard Maryland $113800 308447 #4 Arlington Virginia $108706 226092 #5 Hunterdon NJ $108177 125708 Not surprisingly four of these five counties are clustered around Washington D.C. and the other is just over an hour away from Manhattan. Lowest Median Incomes Finally here are the five counties with the lowest median incomes in the country: Rank County Median household income Population #1 McCreary Kentucky $18972 17850 #2 Sumter Alabama $20428 13285 #3 Holmes Mississippi $20800 18547 #4 Stewart Georgia $20882 5791 #5 Lee Kentucky $21185 6896 All of these are located in the Southeast although just missing the top five was Mora County in New Mexico ($21190). As you can see by the population numbers these are all very rural places as well. Want to see more on median household income? See it visualized at the state level. Get your mind blown on a daily basis: Thank you! Given email address is already subscribed thank you! Please provide a valid email address. Please complete the CAPTCHA. Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later. The Money Project The post Interactive: U.S. Counties by Household Income appeared first on Visual Capitalist.

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